Closing Out the Year

Thank you for your giving in 2019! Truthfully, it is difficult to capture the impact of your generosity. Below you’ll find a chart breaking down Beautiful Response’s 2019 expenses.

But what does it all mean? 103 kids attended school and received the full-time care of the RUHU family. 250+ kids attended the RUHU Primary School. 30+ Ugandans were employed with meaningful work. Patrick was able to continue his life-changing and life-saving work in Kampala’s slums. But numbers and charts can’t capture everything. Photos help.

​Going to Uganda and spending time with the kids and staff of RUHU is the best way I know to understand the importance of our collective support. Even those trips, though, leave me wondering how God is at work and how the impact of our support will affect the futures of these kids. In the end, I’m not sure we’ll ever know. 

In 2019, we responded to the work that God is doing through Patrick, William, and the staff of RUHU. In 2020, we’ll do the same. Our budget for 2020 is over $500,000. It is a stretch, but we’re praying alongside of RUHU for a wonderful year of sustainable growth.


As you can see, Secondary School is our largest area of expense, which is part of the reason we are hoping to start the RUHU Secondary School this year. University fees grew in 2019 and will continue to grow as more kids get into college. The RUHU Primary School expenses are beginning to decrease as kids graduate into Secondary School, and this number also represents the support that runs the RUHU school for 250+ community members. RUHU Programming Support covers salaries, electricity, medical expenses, food, and other monthly and one-time expenses incurred in running RUHU.  Administrative costs include website, credit card fees, program director, etc. Lastly, the chart shows the program expenses for our children’s education in Haiti (funds are raised separately).

Entering Year 10

This spring will mark 10 years since Caleb and Sonja first met Patrick and William and began partnering with them. Throughout 2020, we will be sharing highlights from the last 10 years of partnership. It has been an incredible and unpredictable 10 years. We look forward to sharing some of those memories as a testament to what God has done.

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