Caleb’s Return to Uganda

God willing, I will be in Uganda one month from now.

Maya and I plan on being in Uganda during the first part of February. This trip has been a long time coming. A trip to Uganda was the first thing we cancelled in the spring of 2020. Nearly two years later, I’m excited and nervous to be back in Uganda. 

I’m excited to see the ways that RUHU has grown. There were several significant building projects that happened during the pandemic, so I look forward to seeing how the literal spaces of RUHU have changed. The staff has grown and I am thrilled to get to meet the new staff members teaching, cooking, and caring for the kids. I’m of course excited to see how the kids have grown and matured. Some are working on business plans, others are finishing university courses. I hope I recognize them!

But I’m also nervous. It’s been a tough two years for RUHU. I’m curious where I will see fatigue and exhaustion. School has only just restarted in Uganda after time away. I’m nervous the kids will be noticeably behind in their studies. For 10 straight years I have visited Uganda and it has always been easy to see progress on each trip. I know there will be progress and a joyous reunion, but I am also expecting there to be some loss and grief. 

That’s life. And it’s an honor to share in all of it with our friends in Uganda. I look forward to sharing pictures, stories, and videos of our time there with you soon!

If you think of it, please do pray for our travel and our time in Uganda.


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