Caleb’s January Blog

On the cusp of a new year, it’s exciting to think about what the next 12 months will hold. There are some sensational things taking place at RUHU this year. Let me name a few:

  • We’re in the planning stages of a major Farm Project that will launch this year. The Farm Project will move RUHU towards sustainability, helping them raise their own food and employ some of their graduates who have studied agriculture.
  • We’re starting Advanced Level coursework at the RUHU Secondary School. This means new teachers, certifications, etc. We’re beginning with a small Secondary 5 class so we can manage the change, but it’s an exciting next step for the Secondary School.
  • We have students in University who will graduate this year and other students studying everything from cosmetology to mechanical engineering to plumbing to business administration.
  • The first group of kids that Beautiful Response set out to educate have completed their studies, equipping them with priceless skills and knowledge. These graduates are now working hard to secure employment and pave their way to a brighter future. Viola heads Career Relations and Hanifah is the Accounts Assistant at RUHU, Joan teaches sewing classes, Herman is an entrepreneur fixing and selling computers, and many are improving their skills through internships or small jobs while pursuing full-time employment. However, the harsh reality is that youth unemployment in Africa is a pervasive issue. Together, we are working with RUHU towards long-term solutions to help these kids thrive in the face of adversity.

RUHU will also continue its important work of caring for the vulnerable through medical outreaches into the slums. It will provide homes for kids who do not have homes and care for kids without families who can care for them. In 2024, RUHU will represent employment, refuge, income, food security, education, hope, and family to hundreds of people. 

Of course, this year will come with highs we didn’t anticipate and lows that we couldn’t have seen coming. The last few years have brought unprecedented challenges, but we’re proud of the way RUHU and Beautiful Response have come through them. Your generosity enabled us to send $558,510 to RUHU last year! Amazing!

The needs are going to be big this year. But that’s okay. God can do big things. Our first promise to the RUHU kids was the promise every parent wants to make to their kids: “You worry about school and being kids. We’ll worry about paying the bills.” That promise has grown every year, but it remains our commitment. Thank you for helping us to keep it. 

Peace, Caleb

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