Beautiful Response Board Interview Series – James

“The biggest difference [at Beautiful Response] is the nature of our relationships…working with RUHU is unlike anything I’ve ever done before.”

With over 12 years of professional work and board member experience within nonprofit organizations, including 6 years as a Beautiful Response board member, James Colten is an invaluable asset to our team. 

James has a longtime familiarity with organizations like Compassion International and World Vision. He has a passion for social movements and seeing how they can invoke real change. As one of Caleb’s roommates, James has seen Beautiful Response develop from its earliest stages. He was even one of BR’s very first supporters- “as much as a broke college student can be,” James joked. 

When asked, “What makes Beautiful Response different from other organizations you have engaged with?” James responded, “The biggest difference is the nature of our relationships.” What makes Beautiful Response different than organizations like Compassion and World Vision is the nature of our relationships. We work hard to develop working relationships with the staff at RUHU instead of focusing solely on “individual child sponsorships” in order to create a lasting, sustainable impact.

James also talked about the size and scale of BR as something completely unique to us. “Fundraising can be collaborative,” he noted. We have a unique way of collaborating that enables us to be full partners in the work RUHU is doing. “We can make sure we are sending appropriate and specific funds…and can coach as we give”. Beautiful Response takes great care to ensure that the needs at RUHU are being met while also making the best use of donors’ contributions. “Working with RUHU is unlike anything I’ve ever done before,” he stated, “all the staff are local Ugandans.” This means when you donate to RUHU, you are supporting over 65 Ugandan staff members and their whole families. This creates a tidal wave of impact and enacts change amongst entire communities. 

The interesting thing about nonprofits is that we are essentially trying to “work ourselves out of a job”. There are injustices in the world that we are working toward reconciling. The ultimate goal is that the RUHU community would be self-sustaining. For now, it is unsure what that would look like. So until then, we will continue to fundraise, volunteer our time, and equip the staff at RUHU to further their mission. 

According to James, one of the biggest challenges we are currently facing at Beautiful Response is gaining new donors. James pointed out that most of our donors come to BR through word of mouth, which is great; however, it limits our ability to access more donors and more funding. We are always exploring new ways to expand our reach to best meet our needs and the needs of our partners. To our current donors: we need your help to keep spreading the word, donating, and caring for our cause!

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