Be Part of a Miracle

The first week of August, we’ll check the bank account to see if we can send the full amount for teachers’ salaries and food at the Primary and Secondary Schools, along with all the other expenses that go into running two schools.

It wasn’t the plan to fund two schools in Uganda.

It wasn’t the plan to start a non-profit!

The schools have become a beacon in their communities and an indispensable part of the ministry of RUHU. They employ dozens of teachers and educate hundreds of vulnerable kids. When Patrick and William wanted to start their own primary school, we were skeptical. When they said that we needed to begin secondary education, we weren’t sure.

I felt, and still often feel, like Jesus’ disciples during the feeding of the 5,000. Looking out over the hungry masses, Jesus says to his disciples, “You Feed Them.” Imagine the look on their faces. Maybe they laugh, maybe their jaws drop.

God conspired with Patrick and William to show us the need and say, “You feed them.”

Of course, the disciples are simply the conduits for God’s work. They organize the people and set out the food. But the work is always God’s. And the work in Uganda is God’s work first, RUHU’s work second, and ours third. But still, here we are standing dumbstruck by the task in front of us. “You Feed Them.”

Come August, I’m believing that we’ll be able to pay those hard-working teachers and feed those beautiful kids. But that miracle starts today.

I’d like to ask you to change plans and consider giving to Beautiful Response today to help us ensure the RUHU schools continue to provide education to kids who wouldn’t have another school to attend. Thanks for being a part of the miracle with us. 



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