Back to School

I imagine that getting a child ready for back-to-school can be a headache. My daughter is 1 year old, so I haven’t had the pleasure yet. Say a prayer for Uncle William and Auntie Ellen, who have the task of getting 100+ kids back to at least 7 different schools at the end of each trimester. It is no small feat. 

We have the (relatively) easy job of making sure there is enough money in the bank account for all of the pencils, new school uniforms, class trip money, etc. Our job is made easier by monthly donors whose giving throughout the year provides the consistent financial support to ensure that when William and Aunt Ellen need the money, it is there.  On top of that, we’re helped by donors who are able to give one-time gifts (or three-time gifts) to help us meet the large needs that come at the beginning of the trimester. Thanks to all of you!

It’s rare that I get to talk with Patrick (the director of RUHU) for more than a couple of minutes. The connection is often poor, and the time zones rarely allow for long conversations. But a few weeks ago, we were able to talk for an hour. After we covered the pressing needs of the orphanage, we were able to just share about life. He asked about my daughter, Maya, and I asked about how he was handling the many ups and downs of his life. It was good to remember that at the core of our work is a kinship and camaraderie. Everything we do is built upon a trust and respect that existed in the first weeks of being at RUHU in 2010 and continues to this day. 
We love the staff and the kids of RUHU and it’s a privilege to stand along side of them. Thank you for being a part of that good work. 
– Caleb & Sonja

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