April 2018 Update from Patrick

The month of April brought many exciting things…

Easter, the resurrection of Jesus Christ! Easter is one of the most exciting holidays we celebrate with the kids. We enjoyed worship and the kids were provided with Biblical counseling. Following that, we took the kids to the beach where they enjoyed boat riding, basketball, volleyball, swimming and many other games. We thank the donors who made this day possible. The kids really enjoyed it and had lots of fun! This month the children also attended Hope’s wedding. Thank you to those who made it possible for the kids to attend their sister’s wedding. It was a wonderful celebration!

RUHU Primary School: We thank God for the gift of faith that he has given to us every single day. In the beginning we feared that we might not be able to manage running the school. But by God’s grace we have achieved a great accomplishment and completed the first semester of the school year. We thank God for our donors, volunteers and staff that have made this possible. We have seen children’s’ lives changed in just these few months. Our social workers have been busy working one on one with each child, impacting their lives in so many ways. In addition, throughout this term the children never went hungry and we praise God for that too. Please continue to keep the RUHU school, the children and the staff, in your prayers!

New toilet construction: We would like to say a special thank you to our long term friend and sponsor who received a grant through her school and was able to use those funds to come and build us a new toilet. This was so important because the toilet we had wasn’t strong enough to handle the number of kids we now have attending our school. We thank God for this provision through her. Now there is no longer a sanitation risk for the kids starting next term.

Slum outreach: The volunteers that helped us in the slums every Tuesday and Thursday were able to buy shoes for all the 20 boys out there. The boys were so happy. We thank God that he continues to provide for us to do our outreach in the slums. We have managed to treat and heal numerous wounds. It’s always amazing to see the smiles of the kids, even though they live in miserable conditions.
Children’s Homes/NGO Renewal: I am so happy to announce that our NGO certificate (non-profit certification) was renewed for an extended period of time. It’s not easy to get this and all the victory belongs to Jesus! We thank God for the gift of life our children have. They are so happy because they feel protected and loved compared to where they came from. We couldn’t have done this without you, our generous friends and donors. I wish more than anything the existence of the children’s home was not needed, because that would mean children were being loved and nurtured and cherished. And sometimes it feels like evil is winning, but we know hope is simultaneously healing. Some days it feels like there is nothing extraordinary or anything great to share about living life here. It’s just become life, ya know? But then I see what is being done here and realize we are a part of the extraordinary redemption story that He has chosen us to help tell. Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see. – Hebrews 11:1
In Christ,

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