A Note from Patrick

Patrick sent the note below to us recently and we wanted to share it with our supporters:

I was with William just a few days ago and we started talking about the past and how much God has testified for Himself. Because when we first began RUHU, the village looked at us and said that we might never make it. But now we have kids in almost all levels of institutions in Uganda: Nursery through Primary 7, Secondary 1 to Secondary 6 and from Vocation Centers to Freshmen in University.

Some of these kids used to sleep in drainage, on the street in slums but today they can be hired to go to very expensive house in Uganda to fix plumbing in the house!! Isn’t this amazing?!

Others that arrived in vulnerable conditions, who had never even seen a light bulb…today they are electricians and can create light in the house! 

In the past, I used to hear the prayers of our kids every evening before bed and their prayer was, “Dear God, I pray that tomorrow we will get food to eat, clothes, clean water to drink.” This is all good. In life now, we can forget to ask for the simple things because you can just run to the tap and get water or in refrigerator to get your food. 

But these days I am amazed to hear the way such prayers changed to hearing them now asking God to help them so they could pursue their career and protect and guide them in their future!!! For me this is amazing.

What a beautiful testimony and reminder of how good God is and how far he has carried us!

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