2021 Chili Supper and Giving Tuesday

The end of the year is quickly approaching, and with it, come some of our biggest fundraising events: the Chili Supper and Giving Tuesday.

While you’re gearing up for holiday shopping, take a moment with us to reflect on the importance of these events and, perhaps, find a way to contribute.
The Chili Supper
We are so excited to be able to host our 10th Annual Chili Supper in Waupun, WI. How does a bowl of chili make a difference? Something amazing happens when we come together, enjoy some great food, and give to a life-changing organization. The Chili Supper was actually one of the very first fundraisers Beautiful Response held in support of RUHU and we’ve been in awe of the community’s response ever since.

Last year, we had to switch formats because of the pandemic–no dining in-person, only drive-through pick-ups. This year, we opted to stay safe and do the Chili Supper in the drive-through format again. Last year we were nervous that no one would show up, but you left us in amazement as car after car lined up outside waiting for chili. We have faith you will impress us once more this year with your never-ending generosity and support.

So, if you’re in the area, come out to Bethel CRC between 4:30-6:30pm on Tuesday, November 2, get yourself (and your family!) a bowl of chili, and help support all of the amazing things RUHU is accomplishing. As always, it’s a free-will donation at the door. 
If you live outside of Wisconsin or can’t make it on November 2, we have some exciting ways for you to get involved too! Firstly, while we can’t ship you a bowl of chili (sorry!), you can use this special event to support the education, food needs, shelter, and medical care of the kids at RUHU; just click the button below and you’ll be taken to our Chili Supper Campaign. Secondly, you can join in the fun by watching and participating in our Facebook Live! On November 2, during the Chili Supper, keep an eye out for Beautiful Response to go live—where there may be a chance for you to win a Beautiful Response t-shirt or handmade necklace from Uganda.

Giving Tuesday
Giving Tuesday is right around the corner!! We’re so grateful for all the support we receive on Giving Tuesday and we’re looking forward to it once again this year. Due to lockdowns and school closures in Uganda, this giving season provides a massive opportunity to administer hope and peace of mind to the most vulnerable.

Many RUHU students have been out of in-person learning for nearly 2 years. However, that has not stopped RUHU from accomplishing incredible things. RUHU has implemented various workshops and programs that help students learn skills, trades, and ways to orient their minds towards positive thoughts. The students have received mentoring, tutoring, and teacher coaching to ensure they stay engaged and progressing in their academic studies. 

With your donations on Giving Tuesday, we will be continuing to support these programs, as well as providing school fees (many of our older students are continuing their studies online), ensuring there are funds for food, and so much more.

Please take a few moments leading up to Giving Tuesday to pray about and consider helping support RUHU through our Giving Tuesday campaign. Over the next month, we will be giving you more information regarding this campaign on Facebook, so make sure you’re tuned in there!

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Thank you so much for your continued support and we look forward to seeing you at the Chili Supper or our Facebook Live on November 2!

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