2019 Year End Goals

By January 2020, Beautiful Response will have raised and given away over $2 million dollars since we began in 2010. When we hosted our first fundraiser, we hoped to raise $3,000. ​

As we begin this letter, asking for your support to help us reach our year-end fundraising goals, we want to begin with a word of gratitude to a God who is able to do infinitely more than we could ever ask or imagine (Ephesians 3:20).

We certainly never imagined growing the way we have over the past ten years. Our budget in 2010 ended up being $29,000. This year, we are hoping to raise $60,000 in year-end giving alone. This money is crucial for the education and care of the vulnerable children that are under the care of Raising Up Hope for Uganda. Without it, staff or children in our programs will need to be reduced. 

Your gifts support the following areas of growth in 2020:

  • The launch of a Secondary classroom (high school classes) which will become the RUHU Secondary School over time. Starting an S1 class for our students means that 30-40 children will be able to continue in Secondary School rather than stop after Primary 7 (7th Grade).
  • Increased Staff: Through RUHU, we now employ 35 staff in Uganda. All of these staff are Ugandans who were hired for their skills and their compassion for vulnerable children. 
  • Students in University! When we began, we dreamt of the day when the little kids we found sponsors for would have the chance to apply for college. In 2019, 7 started university programs. Others are in vocational schools or even beginning to work part-time! These accomplishments come at increased costs. The cost of University tuition is approximately $250/month. Our year-end fundraising helps us meet those growing costs. 

There will certainly be other costs and unexpected joys in the coming year. We are blown away by the generosity of this growing community that has taken the vision of Patrick and William and the efforts of Beautiful Response to amazing places. 

Please consider making a year end gift to Beautiful Response in 2019. Your gifts have a tremendous impact on the lives of kids who deserve the world.

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