1st Year End Giving Campaign

Sonja and I leave tomorrow for Africa. We will spend a few days in South Africa before heading up to Uganda to visit the staff and kids of RUHU. We have read up on all the tips for keeping a toddler happy on a trans-Atlantic flight. We might be crazy!


Disclaimer: I’m going to cry more than once on this trip, when I see the kids that we held on our first trip to Uganda lead us in devotions, tell us about their schools, and hold our own daughter. 

The make-shift orphanage that we stumbled upon 8+ years ago has become an extension of our family. It really has been one of the most consistent parts of our life over the last 8 years. Now we get to share that with Maya. This will be such a meaningful trip for us. 

That make-shift orphanage has transformed into a high-functioning organization impacting over 400 kids. It has a staff of 23. We are so proud of the growth that RUHU has experienced. 

The kids have transformed, too. Some of the kids are now full-blown young adults. The babies and toddlers are now kids with their own passions and personalities.

We leave tomorrow, and while we are gone, we are launching our giving campaign for Giving Tuesday, with matching gifts up to $2,500. We will need more financial support in 2019 than in any previous year. RUHU continues to grow, and with it, so does Beautiful Response. If you would like to give towards our Giving Tuesday Campaign, click here.

If you would like to make a general Year-End Gift, please click here.

Say a prayer for us as we make our way to Uganda! Thank you,

Caleb, Sonja, and Maya

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