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RUHU Trip Day Six!

DAY SIX WAS SECONDARY SCHOOL DAY! We started the day at Village of Hope (VOH) which is primarily home to the RUHU Secondary school but

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RUHU Trip Day Five!

DAY FIVE WAS WORSHIP & UNIVERSITY DAY! We started day five worshiping in Kikonge at one of RUHU’s three churches that Beautiful Response supports. The congregation

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RUHU Trip Day Four!

DAY FOUR WAS MEDICAL OUTREACH DAY! Medical outreaches are rigorous and demanding, often requiring lengthy travel to reach remote villages in need of services. On

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RUHU Trip Day Three!

DAY THREE WAS MUWALA MULUNGI DAY! Muwala Mulungi, translated as Beautiful Girls in Luganda, is an empowerment program working with young women in the various

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RUHU Trip Day Two!

DAY TWO WAS TIME TO GET TO WORK! I (Laura) spent the morning reviewing RUHU’s internal accounting systems with the external auditor/compliance officer that Beautiful

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RUHU Trip Day One!

DAY ONE WAS WELCOME DAY! We started off the day by visiting the Girls’ and Boys’ homes, the new House of Hope, and finished with

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