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How Can We Do Better…

As you learned in Caleb’s last email, fundraising has been a struggle for us in 2022. The positive outcome of this struggle is the realization

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Feeling Desperate

First of all — thank you for reading this email. Thank you for giving to Beautiful Response. There is so much need in the world

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The First Generation

If we all do something small, something big happens by Lori Davidson I am a grassroots kind of gal. I like to meet that one person. On

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Our Financial Position

We are having a Beautiful Response board meeting on Sunday evening of this week.One of the things we’ll address is the shortfall between our expenses

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RUHU Primary School

Primary School = Elementary and Middle School. In Uganda, the establishment of UPE (Universal Primary Education) was supposed to guarantee that all children would receive a free

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March Haiti Update

It has been almost 3 years since we have been to visit our partners and friends in Haiti.   Our hearts long to go back, but

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