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End of Year Needs

Patrick, William, and the staff at RUHU have weathered an incredible year. We all have, haven’t we? But for children on the margins of Uganda’s

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Thank You

In our last email we asked for your help raising $25,000. Within 48 hours, we had reached our goal. I’m having a hard time coming

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What We Need to Re-open

For the past 3-4 months, we have been waiting for word from the Ugandan government about the future of education. Last week, they sent out

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Surprises along the Way

The last month has been incredibly encouraging. My last update was dour. The pandemic has made a variety of things frustrating.  The disruption in our

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Weathering the Storm

This past month marked the ten year anniversary of our partnership with RUHU. It wasn’t what I hoped it would be. Ten years ago, I would have

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Where We Were: 2013

In 2010 when we first visited Raising Up Hope for Uganda, the kids had safety. Usually they had food.  In 2011, we focused on making education a reality for

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