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The Unremarkable Stories

What is the end goal? What is the purpose of providing education, food, and sponsorship?  Early on, I imagined a pipeline of excellence. I dreamt

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In Case You Missed It…

We announced a big goal for 2021 earlier this month! Our hope is to reach… 100 new monthly recurring donors for Raising Up Hope for

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What the Year Taught Us

2020. The words sounded nice. The symmetry of the words and the numbers made us look forward to leaving 2019 behind. ‚ÄčIn the end, it taught

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The Work Must Go On…

In 2020, we commemorated a decade of partnership between Beautiful Response and Raising Up Hope for Uganda. It also became the first year since 2010

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Giving Tuesday!

Next week Tuesday (12/1) is a day dedicated to giving, a day to celebrate generosity. People around the globe are inspired by the power that

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