Herman’s Story

Poverty is an abstract term. So is “vulnerable children.” I use both phrases regularly and pretty quickly they lose their force. But when you walk into a slum and see a 6-year-old boy, his eyes redefine those terms for you. He is what poverty looks like. This is a vulnerable child, not in the abstract. […]

My Recent Trip to Uganda

I didn’t take many pictures on my most recent trip to Uganda. Most of my pictures are of receipts, contracts, and other documents that I poured over with William and the Raising Up Hope for Uganda (RUHU) Board members. But below is one of Ibra and Jordan. These two boys came to RUHU as infants […]

Building Security, One Meter of Fence at a Time!

Raising Up Hope for Uganda (RUHU) has a beautiful vision for a full Secondary School campus on the grounds of Village of Hope. This is your sneak peek at a plan we hope to help RUHU make a reality over the next couple of years! RIGHT NOW WE NEED YOUR HELP to build a cement brick fence […]

Schut Family Update

California Friends — If you are in the Carmel/Monterey area, we hope that you will join us on Sunday, August 21st from 2 to 4 pm at Erik and Lori Davidson’s home (25978 Mission St.). Caleb will share stories from his trip to Uganda with Lori and Maya earlier this year and we will provide an […]

Shocked and Grateful

I used the header “Feeling Desperate” in the last email I sent out to you at the beginning of June. It was an accurate description of how we felt at the time. At the beginning of May we were easily six digits into the red and we weren’t sure how we would crawl out of […]

We Have Some Exciting News!

WE HAVE THE OPPORTUNITY TO RAISE $80,000 FOR RAISING UP HOPE FOR UGANDA (RUHU)! Beautiful Response told William that he could not reduce salaries or food budgets until you all knew that he was considering those measures. The response we received from people who love RUHU was resounding. We were so grateful to be able to […]

How Can We Do Better…

As you learned in Caleb’s last email, fundraising has been a struggle for us in 2022. The positive outcome of this struggle is the realization that we need to be more intentional in our communication and relationship with you–our wonderful supporters. So below, we ask for your feedback and we offer a few ways to […]

Feeling Desperate

First of all — thank you for reading this email. Thank you for giving to Beautiful Response. There is so much need in the world right now. Thank you for not tuning out! We thank God for you! I wanted to share that on one of our recent weekly calls, William suggested that RUHU could […]

The First Generation

If we all do something small, something big happens by Lori Davidson I am a grassroots kind of gal. I like to meet that one person. On a bus, on a plane, even when eating by myself at a restaurant I’ll strike up a conversation with another person. Therefore, when I hear about big national problems, it […]

Our Financial Position

We are having a Beautiful Response board meeting on Sunday evening of this week.One of the things we’ll address is the shortfall between our expenses and donations for the first four months of the year. We’re almost $150,000 in the red for the year. We are always in the red at this point in the […]